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Push Button Paging System print data sheet


 Medical Push Button Pager 

Push Button Paging solutions allow for clear, instant and direct communication between staff members throughout your healthcare facility. Wireless transmitters can be placed virtually anywhere to help speed processes, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care.

Armed with compact pagers, doctors are able to call for, and receive, prompt assistance from support staff. Push Button Paging also enhances communication between departments. 



Completely wireless for maximum convenience, the system is simple to install and operate. Keep patients moving through quickly!


Concise Messaging 

Immediately direct staff to specific
rooms and reduce delays.

Office-Wide Coverage

Wireless transmitters ensure
far-reaching, reliable coverage
throughout facilities.

Calm, Stress-Free Environment

Instant, silent and discreet
paging eliminates noisy overhead
systems, enhances patient

Easy Installation & Operation

Pre-programmed and customizable
system allows for plug-and-play
installation and operation.

Streamline Patient Flow

Immediately communicate patient
status between departments for
faster movement.

No Middleware

Direct transmitter to pager
communication increases
efficiency and saves money.

Individual & Group Messaging

Communicate specific requests to
both individuals and assigned
groups for increased efficiency.

Additional Features


UHF Technology

  • Up to one mile of site coverage
  • Perfect for large hospitals and multiple levels

Unique System ID

  • Prevents interference from other paging systems


  • One touch simplicity
  • Multiple layout options (1 & 3 buttons)
  • Built for maximum strength and durability
  • Stand alone rechargeable devices
  • Operate up to 3 months on a single charge
  • Small footprint


  • Indicator light shows battery is charging or needs replacement
  • Simple user replacement of batteries guarantees
    no down time
  • Pager battery life is 3-5 years

HIPAA Compliance

  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
    Act) and Joint Commission-friendly.
  • JTECH pagers help
    you comply with U.S. & International privacy laws to
    protect your customer and your business.

Pager Options

  • Select the pager that works for you
  • Ergonomic, rechargeable and most durable pagers on the market

Smart Charging

  • Extends the life of pager batteries without
    overcharging them
  • Full charge achieved in 2 hours

JTECH Support
of Existing Systems

  • Supports most major onsite paging systems, regardless of make, with seamless integration to most existing onsite communication solutions.
  • Offers a swap-out program for those looking to
    upgrade their paging systems.



Push Button Pager


Push Button Paging System


System Options

Try these staff / manager pagers to go with your Push Button pager:

Alpha-Numeric Pager

Alpha-Numeric Pager

StaffCall IQ 17_frnt_restroom-cologo v2
StaffCall IQ®

Rugged Pager-250px.gif

 Rugged Pager