SmartCall Messenger
Web Browser Compatibility



The following browsers have all been tested with SmartCall SMS and have been considered satisfactory alternatives to Google Chrome for desktop users.

> Google Chrome
> Firefox – version 31.0 or higher
> Internet Explorer – version 10 or higher
> Opera – version 10 or higher

Windows Surface and Chromebook are the recommended tablets.

As of date of publication, Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire and Android powered tablets; like Samsung and Acer models, have only limited functionality and are not recommended nor supported by JTECH.

Mixed Content

The SmartCall domain is encrypted with 128-bit encryption to ensure a safe browsing experience. When sending paging messages to our on-site, networked transmitters, SmartCall SMS utilize a mix of HTTPS and HTTP content. All paging is handled behind the site’s firewall and transmitters do not require internet access.

Paging messages may be sent in HTTP or HTTPS format. The paging URL contains the transmitters internal IP address, pager, message, and alert type information therefore no personal information is at risk.

To enable the mixed content on your computer, please use the following guidelines:

Users may need to adjust browser settings to allow “mixed content” and ensure successful transmission of the paging messages.

For Internet Explorer, choose Tools (Alt + x): Select Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites > Add https://*  > Close. While still under Trusted Sites – Click Custom Level > Miscellaneous > Select Enable under Display Mixed Content.

For Chrome, there is not a setting like those above. To allow mixed content perform the following:

Make sure all open Chrome browsers are closed. On the desktop, right click the Google Chrome icon and Select “Properties”; in the box named Target, add 1 space to the end of the command after chrome.exe(“) then type:

(note: there are two dashes ( – ) in front of allow) When completed, click OK.

Click Here for more information on Chrome and mixed content. 

Note: Some locations may need to consult with their IT department to update the mixed content settings.


*ISTATION transmitters require firmware version 2.21 or higher.