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JTECH stands as the pioneering force in the realm of guest and staff paging solutions. Despite the evolution of technology and communication methods over time, JTECH remains the unwavering cornerstone in facilitating guest and staff interactions.

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We Have Motorola and JTECH Extend Two Way Radios IN STOCK!

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Guest to Staff and Staff to Staff Pager Systems, Texting, Table Location and More!

Hospitality PagingServer and Staff
Staff & Server - Hospitality
Effective communication among staff is crucial for building a strong team and streamlining operations. Utilizing a staff paging system or radios, management can effortlessly coordinate with their team, ensuring timely alerts and responses whenever necessary.

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Guest PagingGuest
Guest - Hospitality
JTECH guest text, paging and push button solutions keep businesses in touch with their customers - from restaurants serving guests to retailers managing their customers' experience. 

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Hospital CommunicationHealthcare
Patient & Staff 
JTECH text and paging solutions keep healthcare providers  connected to patients and families while managing patient flow.  

Our expertise spans a broad range of sectors, offering tailored solutions to virtually every industry. Below are a few areas where our impact is most pronounced.

Popular Solutions

Is Your QR Code Capable of Messaging a Team Member? Ours Is!

VSK - Table Signage - Rectangle - Small


  • Virtual Service Kiosk
    Guest to Staff Communications QR Code
  • Digital Call Button Notification

Activate seamless communication through QR codes directly from your guests' smartphones, enhancing customer satisfaction. Perfect for enhancing interactions in Restaurants, Healthcare, Retail, and Hospitality sectors, or any setting where a conventional service button doesn't fit. Customize up to five unique virtual buttons to either page staff, send a text message, launch a website, or initiate a phone call.

SmartCall Alert Social - Square V3
SmartCall Alert!

Speak in Color

Color Pager All Four - with Sample Messages 1024-1

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The latest in our industry leading Guest and Staff Paging products provides a combination of color, sound, light and text that can be combined to fit the needs of restaurants, healthcare, logistics and more. This communication device is so flexible and powerful we think it is the Smartest Pager Ever!

Two-Year No Questions Warranty

This new pager is so durable, we will replace inoperable pagers for two-years, no questions asked!

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