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Manager & Staff Paging

AlphaNumeric & Numeric Composite

Instantly notify managers and staff with text or numeric messaging on our alpha-numeric and numeric pagers. Easily stay updated with critical information whether you work in hospitality, healthcare or a church nursery.

The alpha-numeric and numeric pagers are durable and reliable and AAA batteries that you can replace yourself. No need for charging stations. 

The alpha-numeric pager is ideal when you need to send detailed messages to managers and staff.  Save and scroll messages as needed on an easy-to-read side mounted LED screen.   

The Numeric pager offers numeric messaging if you need to send phone numbers or codes related to specific tasks and actions.  Quickly view numeric messages on the top positioned screen without removing the pager from the belt clip holder.  This is ideal for healthcare, childcare and veterinary clinics or anywhere hands free viewing is needed.

The Alpha-Numeric Pager is a popular choice for staff and management on the go.


Additional Features


UHF Technology 

Up to 2 miles of line-of-site coverage with unique ID to prevent signal interference.


Built with high-quality materials for maximum durability and industry leading performance.

User-Replaceable Batteries

Replace your own batteries to reduce downtime and cost.

Smart Alerts

Out-of-Range and Search ensures contact. Choose silent, vibe or beep to recieve notifications.

Flexible Integration

Third-party POS and KDS system integration capability.

Optional Manager Pagers

Choose between alpha text, numeric or rugged rechargeable pagers.



  • LED digital number and/or letters
  • Backlight
  • 16 Message Memory
  • Lock up to 10 Messages


  • 1 AAA Battery
  • User replaceable
  • Indicator light when needs replacement

Alerts Types

  • Vibe / Beep

Belt Clip

  • Plastic smooth edge
  • Spring loaded

Extended Range Technology

  • UHF Frequency
  • Unique System ID eliminates interference



Alpha-Numeric Pager

Length: 1.5 inches (3.81 cm)

Width: 2.5 inches (6.25 cm)

Depth: 0.5 inches (2.03 cm)

Weight: 0.10 lbs

instacallfront v2

Numeric Pager

Length: 2.5 inches (3.81 cm)

Width: 1.5.5 inches (6.25 cm)

Depth: 0.5 inches (2.03 cm)

Weight: 0.10 lbs 



Staff Pager Options

StaffCall IQ 17_frnt_restroom-cologo v2

StaffCall IQ®


Rugged Pager

Rugged Pager

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