Safely Manage The Patient Experience

During this challenging time to safely care for patients and protect staff, healthcare providers are practicing social distancing and pre-screening patients for COVID-19 curbside before they are assigned to standard or negative pressure waiting areas.

Operational changes and patient flow management can be daunting! 
We Can Help!


HostConcepts, SmartCall Messenger and FindMe with Arriva are your solutions to manage waitlist flow with HIPAA compliant patient communications.  Easily stay connected with patients via text or pager when it is their turn for care.  AND send alerts to staff when patients arrive curbside for optimal efficiency and patient care.  


JTECH was amazing in getting us up and running with a texting system in one day.  This has allowed us to care for our patients while maintaining a level of social distancing.  It is a work in process, but we could not have done it without them.

~ Dr. Matthew Caffrey 


  • Enable patients to check-in via text 

  • Alert staff with patients' information and location 

  • Text patients when it's their turn for care

  • Greet patients at vehicle for added assistance

  • Track patient status and arrival

See How FindMe with Arriva works!



HostConcepts® Curbside Care Text Alerts

Pre-process patients for curbside care before they are assigned to standard or negative pressure waiting areas. Learn More

  • Custom confirmation and instructions
  • Track patient wait times and  arrival
  • Custom notifications when ready for patient


SmartCallCoaster Messenger Pager & Texy

SmartCall Messenger Waitlist, Text & Pager 

The all-in-one Waitlist Management system safely and discreetly manages waiting patients onsite or curbside.  Learn More

  • Manage on-site and curbside patient waitlists
  • Send messages to patients' cell phones and pagers.
  • Reporting on number of people waiting and average wait time

SmartCall Messenger


FindMe Healthcare Curbside & Text

FindMe with Arriva Patient Arrival & Text

Enable patients to text when they arrive curbside so they can provide care or deliver prescriptions while patients safely wait in their vehicle.  Learn More

  • Patients check-in from their vehicle.
  • Staff is alerted with patient's appointment info and location
  • Easily locate patient or text when it is their turn for care
FindMe with Arriva Healthcare Curbside