Safely Manage Workflow and The Patient Experience

HostConcepts® Curbside Care

During this challenging time to safely care for patients and protect staff, healthcare providers are practicing social distancing and pre-screening patients for COVID-19 curbside before they are assigned to standard or negative pressure waiting areas.

These types of operational changes and patient flow management can be daunting! 

We Can Help - We Have A Solution!

HostConcepts Waitlist & Text can be used as your interim solution to manage patient workflow for curbside COVID-19 pre-screening.  Easily text patients when it is their turn for care AND receive alerts when the patient arrives with a description of their vehicle for easy identification.  

JTECH was amazing in getting us up and running with a texting system in one day.  This has allowed us to care for our patients while maintaining a level of social distancing.  It is a work in process, but we could not have done it without them. ~ Dr. Matthew Caffrey 

HC-HC Curbside Screen and Phone

When standard operations resume we can help healthcare providers transition to JTECH's SmartCall Messenger for traditional Patient Flow and Waitlist Management.  

Curbside Care Can Help:

  • Track Patient Status and Arrival

  • Text Patients When Ready For Testing 

  • Receive Alerts when the Patient Arrives

  • Meet Patient Directly At Vehicle For Processing/Testing

    * iPad and Wifi (recommended) but also PC compatible

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HC-HC Curbside Phone 1

Custom Confirmation & Instructions

Text patients a confirmation with waiting instructions.  

HC Carryout - Waitlist Screen

Track Patient Wait Times & Arrival 

Track all patients waiting, arrival and care status on one screen.

HC-HC Curbside Phone 2

Custom Notifications When Ready For Patient

Send a customized text to patients to let them know it is their turn for care.

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