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How does the Smart Band Screen Work?

The table and diagram below explain all of the ways to interact with the LinkWear Smart Band.

Power On Hold bottom touch point and top touch point for 2 seconds.
Wake Up from Blank Screen Tap Bottom touch point
Go to Blank Screen Do not touch for 10 seconds.
Go to Message Screen from Standby Screen Hold bottom touch point for 2 seconds and release.
Look through Messages from Message Screen Tap top touch point to scroll up and tap bottom touch point to scroll down.
Look through Responses from Message Screen Touch and hold bottom touch point for 2 seconds to see and scroll through all responses.
Select and Send Response When desired response is on the screen, tap and hold bottom touch point for 2 seconds to  send response.
Connection/Pairing Mode Touch and hold top touch point and bottom touch point for 10 seconds and release. Mode will   time out in 20 seconds.