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LinkWear Brain Charger FAQs

See below for common questions about using the LinkWear Brain Charger, as well as troubleshooting tips.

What size chargers are available?
We offer a 10 position and a 20 position charger.  

What power supply do the chargers use?
The LinkWear chargers use the same power supply as our other paging products that use the large 2.0 barrel tip. (we designed it this way!) 

How do I know if my brains are charging?
It is important to put the brains in the correct way. With USB charging, it only works if plugged in 1 way. Follow the diagram on the charger and when plugged in correctly the brain screen will display “Charging” for about 3 seconds.  

My brains are not charging! What do I do?
There is a small power switch on the front of the charger. Make sure that switch is in the on position. Sometimes it can be inadvertently switched off. When on, the red power light will be on the top of the charger. If the power light still isn’t on check the power supply connections. Also check that there is power to the outlet.