LinkWear Extend FAQs

The LinkWear Extend can be used to "extend" the range of your LinkWear System. See below for frequently asked questions, how-to's and troubleshooting tips.

How do I know where I need an extend?
If you experiencing low range (zero or one green bar) or missing messages you should perform a range test on your system. Click for information on how to perform range testing.

Where is the best place for my Extend to be placed?
Near the edge of range of the Hub. 

How does the extend get power?
The Extend is powered by any 5v standard USB charger.

What do the lights mean on the extend? 
Power, connected and range coverage indicator. 

Can I use any USB plug for the extend?
Any standard 5v USB plug will charge a Smart Band

I don’t have a plug near where I need to place the Extend. What do I do? 
We have a Lamp charger available for purchase. This device screws into any standard light socket and has a built in USB port that you can plug the extend into.  

A diagram of a light bulb

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