LinkWear Hub FAQs

Below you will find a list of helpful tips and tricks, as well as frequently asked questions about the LinkWear Hub.

Why so many antenna’s? What do they do? Are they different?
The two outside antennas are the same. The one in the middle is when we want the system to function with out Legacy Paging systems. They are different radio frequencies so they require different matching antennas.

How do I use the NFC on the Hub?
Touch the device to the NFC Area and wait for a beep

How do I hang the hub on the wall?
  • The Hub has 2 eye holes. Insert 2 screws into a wall (use anchors if required) and mount the Hub.
  • The Hub is fairly light. You could use industrial Velcro.
  • The hub can simply sit on a shelf.
Where should I put the hub?
  • Locate the Hub in a central location to where the messages will be received. For example, centrally located between the kitchen and the front of house. If there is a patio you might want to mount the hub a little closer to the patio.
  • Mounting and coverage will be trial and error until you get the proper coverage.
  • Use of one or more extends might be required to get coverage depending on the size and construction of your building.
Is there any place I shouldn’t put the Hub?
  • Do not place the Hub where it can get wet or be tampered with.
  • Do not place the hub where there are any large obstructions.
  • Do not place the Hub near and metal (i.e., next to a stainless-steel wall).

There is no blinking blue light on the Hub (means it is not communicating. What do I do?
The blue blinking light indicates that your Hub is operating properly. If the blue light is not on or is not blinking power cycle the Hub. Remove the power plug for 10 seconds and reinsert. The red light will come on. The blue light can take 1 to 2 minutes to come on. Once the blue light is blinking your system should be back up and running.

What is the Ethernet Port on the back of the Hub for? Does it need to be plugged in to ethernet to work?

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What is the range of the Hub?

  • On average the Hub will cover over 3000-4000 square feet. Sometimes up to 10,000 square feet in open areas.
  • Range will depend on many factors including interference, obstructions, building materials and size of the location.
  • Extends can be used to increase coverage and cover dead spots.

What do the lights on the LinkWear Hub mean?

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There is no Power on my LinkWear Hub?

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How do I Fix Connectivity Issues with My LinkWear System?

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