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LinkWear Smart Band FAQs

See below for common questions about using the LinkWear Smart Band, as well as troubleshooting tips.

Is the Smart Band Waterproof?
The Smart Band is water resistant and is IP67 rated when inside the strap. We do not recommend submerging or spraying any liquid on the Smart Band.

Can I wash my hands while wearing the Smart Band?
Light splashes should be fine. Immediately dry off the Smart Band should it get wet.

What do the two circles mean on the Smart Band face?
Those are the touch points for the Smart Band. Click here for more information.

The screen does not light up. What do I do?
Make sure the Smart Band is fully charged.

What is the battery life of the Smart Band?
~24 hours in standby
~12 hours with moderate use.

Can the Smart Band battery be replaced?
The battery on the brain is not replaceable. After the battery is beyond its usable life the brain will need to be replaced.

How do I change the time on the smart bands?
    • The time on the Smart Bands comes from the time on the connected tablet. Change the time on the tablet and it will update on the Smart Band.
    • To change the time on the tablet: Swipe down from the top of the tablet screen and select the gear Icon. Scroll down and look for SYSTEM. Select SYSTEM a Date and Time a Time.

Can I get these smart bands in any other color?
Smart Bands only come in black.

I have lost some smart bands. How do I replace them?
Call JTECH at 800-321-6221 or message wecare@jtech.com

Can I buy more rubber straps for the smart bands? How much are they?
Yes! Smart Band Straps are available from JTECH.

Removing and Inserting the Brain into the Band
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How should I clean the Smart Bands?
Click Here for More Information

How does the Smart Band Screen Work?
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