LinkWear Tablet FAQs

Below you will find a list of helpful tips and tricks, as well as frequently asked questions about the LinkWear Tablet.

What internet do I connect the tablet to?
You should ONLY connect the tablet to the LinkWearxxxxx SSID. Do not connect to any local network or the system will not function.

I connected the tablet to my business Wi-fi and it doesn’t work with my system. What do I do?
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Can I get Netflix on the Tablet, I’m bored! 

It is not recommended! Your tablet is not linked to the internet. The Hub is its own Wi-Fi router and the tablet is connected to the Hub.  

How do I change the time on the tablet?
To change the time on the tablet: Swipe down from the top of the tablet screen and select the gear Icon. Scroll down and look for SYSTEM. Select SYSTEM > Date and Time > Time. 

The screen is cracked! What now?
If the crack isn’t too bad you can continue to use the tablet. You can look for an after market screen protector and use that to cover the crack. At some point you will need to replace the tablet. Please contact WECARE for a tablet replacement.