Staff & Management Wearable Communications

LinkWear Wearable Staff Communication

   The only wearable that delivers staff-to-staff, guest-to-staff and data-to-staff communications.

   Information is received discreetly on a smart notification watch.

   Improved guest and staff satisfaction, operational efficiencies and labor savings.

   Fully customizable with your staff, roles and messages.

Staff Communication Re-Invented!

Link Tasks to Staff
  • Task Assignments & Automated Staff Notifications
  • Task Completion Acknowledgment to Managers
  • Task Log Management
JTECH Linkwear UI and SmartBands Revised - 7-1-20-1
Link Data to Staff
    • Data Delivered Directly to Managers
    • Notifications Sent to Staff On the Floor
Linkwear Band on Side with Service Request Message - Square
Link Guests to Staff
  • Connect Guests with Staff When Service is Needed
  • Increase Check Average with Responsive Service
  • Speed Table Turns
  • Delight Guests with Exceptional Service

The LinkWear Ecosystem

 lww-1 CORE - Order Now!

LinkWear Core is the base hardware product made up of a transmitter, tablet, smart bands, call buttons, charger and optional range extenders. The system functions independently of other networks.

  • •  Actionable Notifications – Order Up, 86 item, Re-Fire, Check needed at Table 8
  • •  Add Call Buttons for communication at the press of a button
  • •  Fully customizable messages and roles
  • •  Staff-to-staff (Tablet to Band), guest-to-staff (Call Button to Band) notifications



lww-1 TASK

  • LinkWear Task is a cloud-based application that helps you put your operations on auto-pilot. You can create recurring tasks, send reminders to Smart Bands, and monitor status and completion of tasks for individuals or groups.

  • •  Schedule repeating or one-time tasks
  • •  Discrete text messaging to the person(s) responsible for task
  • •  Immediate updates and replies from the band
  • •  Tasks can also be created and assigned for non-band wearers
  • •  Live dashboard of tasks and their status
  • •  Already have a task management system? Integrate to LinkWear to send your tasks to a smart band


LinkWear Connect enables the LinkWear system to receive messages and alerts from third party data partners directly to your staff’s wrist.

  • •  Allows LinkWear to securely deliver messages from non-LinkWear systems via API
  • •  Works with JTECH Applications - HostConcepts, VSK & FindMe
  • •  Actionable Notifications – New Pickup Order Received, Mobile Guest Has Arrived, Staff Member is Approaching Overtime, VIP Seated Table 12, Bad Survey, Average Drive-Thru Wait is Over 5 Minutes
  • •  Voice to Text & Text to Voice capabilities

Wearable Technology Can Help
Restaurants Achieve Peak Performance with Real-Time Actionable Data


 “We are evaluating wearable technology and are excited about the capability to deliver notifications and time-sensitive data directly to our partners (staff), further enabling them in the delivery of Starbucks’ world-class customer experience.” Koichi Kitazumi, Starbucks’ In Store Technology. 

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