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Motorola CLP Headsets

From discreet surveillance earpieces to Bluetooth swivel earpieces, speak and listen freely with CLP headsets. Enjoy a minimalist design with the best quality on the market.


Motorola CLP Swivel Earpiece

A compact and lightweight communications earpiece designed for use with CLP-series radios. It has an inline PTT microphone that clips to your clothing for convenient use.  This headset comes standard with CLP 1010 and 1040 radios.


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CLS  surveillance earpiece

Motorola CLP Surveillance Earpiece

This optional single-wire earpiece offers a combined microphone and push-to-talk capabilities. Includes a clear acoustic tube and rubber eartip for extended wear comfort.

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clp1060 bluetooth pod with earpiece

Motorola CLP Bluetooth Pod With Earpiece

Compatible with the Motorola CLP1060 Bluetooth capable radio, this earpiece is optimized for either ear, and offers a long battery life.  This headset comes standard with the CLP 1060 radio.

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Motorola CLP Short Cord Earpiece

Built for comfort, this optional durable earpiece allows users to receive communication discreetly in a simple and cost-effective design.


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CLP two-way radio headsets are a great way to stay connected. Retail, restaurants, hospitality or surveillance, choose an earpiece headset that's right for you.