Banks Are Providing A Safer & Better Customer Experience With Pagers

At Landmark Credit Union in Brookfield, Wisconsin, waiting for a teller feels much like waiting for a table at a restaurant.

To enable social distancing at the three new branches the $5.8 billion-asset credit union built this year, Landmark is trying to do away with teller lines with JTECH Coaster Pagers and online appointment booking. Read More by Ken McCarthy of American Banker

JTECH Pagers & Landmark Credit Union

JTECH Coaster Pagers help keep Landmark's waiting customers and staff safely socially distanced. Photo credits American Banker

"We are seeing a lot of industries outside of restaurants embrace paging technology to provide an improved and safer customer and staff experience." says Paul Meggers, President of JTECH.

As banks move away from requiring customers to wait in a line, they are looking for ways to manage and stay connected with the queue of customers waiting for service.  This is where pagers come in; the ideal solution that meets the banks' and the customers' needs.

With pagers, waiting customers can maintain socially distance in a comfortable setting while maintaining their position in the service queue. Let's face it, no one likes to stand in line waiting for a teller to call you over. I somehow always miss it and the guy behind me has to nudge me when it’s my turn. However, to me the big advantage is privacy and no having to share personal phone numbers for text alerts.

But customers aren't the only winners here...banks also win with pagers.  Pagers offer discreet communication capabilities that transcend language barriers and meet the needs of the hearing and visually impaired. Let's not forget the other side of the line, pagers also provide a safer and socially distanced environment for tellers and staff. Being faced with a line of people staring at you all day can be daunting!

The era of customers' waiting in line for service is ending as loyalty, satisfaction and safety is increasingly tied to the customer experience and business model.  Pagers and Push For Service Buttons are not just for restaurants; they are for all businesses that serve customers. 

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