Guest Paging is essential during Food Truck Season!

Fall is here and in full effect. You know what that means? Food truck season! One of the most popular activities is attending festivals and breweries during the fall, and they are always known to have the best food and drinks!

What if you're a vendor? Are you taking the right steps to attract customers and ensure that they have a great experience? Guest Paging is a highly recommended solution for busy food truck operators. Using guest paging mutually benefits the customer and seller in many ways. First, there is no need for customers to wait next to the truck to hear their name called when their order is ready. Because JTECH GuestCall Pagers have industry-leading range and cell phone service can be unpredictable, a customer with pager is free to roam around the area and participate in other activities. As they wait for their pager to buzz, they can explore the festival grounds, engage in other activities, and fully immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere.  

Guest paging not only enhances the overall experience for the customers, but it also streamlines the ordering process for the food truck vendors. With the increasing popularity of food trucks at festivals, the demand for quick and efficient service has never been higher. By implementing guest paging, vendors can ensure that their customers receive their orders in a timely manner, without compromising the quality of the food. Also, the appearance of a long line to order and multiple people waiting for their food can result in potential customers going elsewhere. 

With the rise in identity theft and spam, some consumers are hesitant to share their personal information in non-secure environments for something as simple as a food ready notification. It is also time consuming to collect the customers information when taking orders. By simply handing over a pager, this time-consuming process is cut in half, allowing the line to move swiftly while protecting the customer's privacy.

One of our esteemed customers - Burger 21 and Peach-O-de-Gallo Food Truck uses our GuestCall Coaster Pagers to notify guests when their food is ready. "The GuestCall coasters are so convenient because we don't have to shout people's name across the lot, plus it keeps people from crowding at the pick up area" says Robbie, owner of Burger 21 and Peach-O-de-Gallo, "They are a MUST for our food truck business!". 

So, if you're a business looking to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline your operations, guest paging is the way to go. Embrace this technology during the peak festival and brewery season, and watch your business thrive and your customers leave with smiles on their faces and delicious food in their hands. 

Food Trucks are common places to use pagers to call their guests when their food is ready to be picked up.
Peach-O-de-Gallo Food Truck using GuestCall Coasters! Check them out on Facebook at 


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