JTECH integrates with Call Systems Technology Limited at Marks & Spencer

Integrations have become the backbone of modern business collaborations, enabling technology companies to extend their reach not only nationally but also globally. One of the most recent and impressive integrations took place at a renowned Marks and Spencer Cafe in England. Call Systems Technology Limited, a trusted distributor of JTECH, seamlessly integrated JTECH's cutting-edge EasyVu table location system with a quick service restaurant kitchen display system.

EasyVu, an innovative guest table location system, revolutionizes the dining experience by tracking the exact location of restaurant guests. This ensures that food is delivered with utmost efficiency. The KDS screen displays the corresponding table number, so the staff can see where the guest is located. Customers then can effortlessly order at the Counter Solutions self service kiosks. After they're done ordering, they grab a pager and go sit at their designated table. No more standing and waiting around aimlessly for food to be ready. EasuVu can even be used for to-go orders where it pages the customer once their order is ready for pick up!

The impact of this integration resonated with one particular customer, who shared their delightful experience, "My 83-year-old Mum loved it because we went straight to a table and sat down. No queuing and no being left on her own whilst I queued. Very easy." These words perfectly capture the essence of the EasyVu system integrating with QSR Automations KDS for a dining experience like no other. This integration not only enhances the operational efficiency of the restaurant but also elevates the overall dining experience for customers of all ages. With such remarkable advancements in the industry, it is evident that integrations are paving the way for a future where businesses can serve their customers seamlessly, regardless of their location.

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