SmartCall Messenger FAQs

  1. Do staff members show as “busy” after they are paged?
    • No. The system will show a brief message showing “Page Successful” and the staff member can be paged again immediately after page is sent if needed.

  2. How many names appear on the Waitlist screen?
    • 27 names show on the waitlist screen. You can use the toggle at the bottom to scroll through more names.

  3. Can a guest/patient or staff member text back after receiving a page sent to their cell phone?
    • Yes, once a guest/patient or staff member has been paged via text message, they can respond until they are completed or removed from the waitlist. Note this feature is only available in the US Domestic areas.

  4. What actions prompt the Welcome Message to be sent?
    • Once a guest/patient has been added to the waitlist with a cell phone number, they will receive the set Welcome Message.

  5. Can I disable the Welcome Message?
    • Yes. Under the Messages tag in the Administration section, you can use the toggle on the phone pictured to turn the Welcome Message on or off. Save Changes to make desired change.

  6. Where do I find the correct IP address?
    • By referencing the SMS Transmitter Configuration document and working with your IT department, you will be able to locate the correct IP address.

  7. How are pages sent to the transmitter?
    • Paging messages may be sent in HTTP or HTTPS format. The paging URL contains the transmitters internal IP address, pager information, message, and alert type information so no personal information is at risk.

      – An example is
      Users may need to adjust browser settings to allow “mixed content” and ensure successful transmission of the paging messages.

      *Note: JTECH Wireless transmitters require firmware version 2.24 or higher.

  8. Is the SmartCall Messenger HIPAA Compliant?
    • JTECH has thoroughly reviewed the Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule (pub. 05/03, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) and implemented required elements to ensure the proper storage and transmission of data that would be considered electronic Protected Health Information (PHI) according to the privacy rule.

  9. What level of control is maintained for the Datacenter(s) SmartCall Messenger resides at?
      • SmartCall is maintained on remote datacenters that comply with the following industry certifications and compliances:
        – SOC1 / ISAE 3402 & SOC 2 Examinations
        – ISO 27001:2013
        – ISO 9001:2015; ISO 22301:012
        – Environmental Health & Safety Standards
        – National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) 800-53
        – Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
        – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)
        – Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
        – Tier III Design & Facility

      • Is the SmartCall Messenger site secure?
        • Yes.  The SmartCall Messenger domain is encrypted with 128-bit encryption to ensure a safe browsing experience.  When sending paging messages to our on-site, networked transmitters, SmartCall SMS utilizes a mix of HTTPS and HTTP content.  All paging is handled behind the site’s firewall and JTECH transmitters do not require internet access.

      • What is Mixed Content?
        • When you visit a secure web page (i.e., using HTTPS), your connection is encrypted with SSL. If the HTTPS page also includes content retrieved through a regular HTTP connection, the connection is only partially encrypted. This is called a web page with mixed content.

      • How do I enable the Mixed Content?
        • For Google Chrome: Right click on the Google Chrome icon on your desktop; in the box named Target, add 1 space to the end of the command then type the following:
          When completed, Click OK.
          Click Here for more information on Chrome and mixed content.

        • For Internet Explorer: In the browser, choose Tools (Alt + x), Select Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > Miscellaneous > Select Enable under Display Mixed Content.

      • How can I remove Departments?
        • When in the Departments tab in the Administration portion, click on the word Edit. Hover over the department that you would like to delete and click the red X.

      • What are Thresholds?
        • Thresholds are a color coding of your waitlist to give you a visual of how long a guest/patient has been waiting.

      • Can I remove a guest/patient from the not arrived list?
        • In order to remove a contact from the not arrived list, you must “arrive” the guest/patient to the waitlist. Once you arrive the guest/patient to the waitlist, you can then click on the Info button by hovering over the name and delete them.

      • How many characters can be sent to a pager?
        • The alpha pagers can display 64 characters.

      • Can I export any of the reports?
        • Yes. The Visit, Wait, Users reports can all be exported to an Excel file.

      • How do I page someone on the Waitlist?
        • By hovering over the guest/patient name, you will reveal 4 options. To page, click on the Broadcast button ((•)) which is the last button on the right.

      • How do I page a staff member?
        • Hovering over the staff member name, click on the Broadcast button to the far right ((•)).

      • After I create a staff member, how do I assign them to a department?
        • Hover over the staff member and assign select the appropriate department(s) that the staff member needs to have access to.

      • Can I page multiple staff members?
        • Yes! You can check-mark specific staff members and select “Page Selected” on the right hand of the screen. To page by department, select the department on the left hand of the screen and select “Page All” on the right hand of the screen. You can also page every staff member if you select the All department and click “Page All.”

      • What does it mean when the “Duplicate Phone Number” screen appears?
        • The Duplicate Phone Number screen is a flag to show you that someone with the same phone number has previously been added to the waitlist at an earlier time. This does not mean the guest/patient is currently on the waitlist. You can select the corresponding name or enter in a different phone number.

      • How do I add my logo?
        • In the Account tab in the Administration section, click the Change Logo option to upload a JPEG of your company logo.

      • What is the difference between an Admin, Manager, and a Normal User.
        • Normal users do not have access to the Administration section of the SmartCall Messenger account.

      • Can multiple users use one username?
        • Multiple users can use the same generic login. The SmartCall Messenger system always shows live updates.

      • In the Pager tab, what is the difference between the Alpha Numeric and the Vibe Only & Numeric?
        • Alpha Numeric pagers can receive and display text when paged as well as a vibe, flash, and beep alert. Vibe Only & Numeric pages only vibe, flash, and beep when paged.

      • What happens if I accidentally delete a user?
        • An administrator can “undelete” the user by accessing the Deleted User report under the Reports tab in the Administration screen.

      • If I accidentally complete a patient/guest from the Waitlist, do I have to add them again?
        • Once you complete a guest/patient from the waitlist, the information will be stored in the Reports tab of the Administration screen. You will have to add the person to again if they are accidentally completed.

      • If I delete a department, will the information be deleted from the SmartCall system?
        • The department will be deleted from the department list but the information will remain on any reports.

      • Can I use the SmartCall Messenger with an iPad or other mobile device?
        • Currently, SmartCall SMS is optimized for a laptop or desktop computer running a Windows or Mac OS. As of date of publication, Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire and Android powered tablets; like Samsung and Acer models, have only limited functionality and are not recommended nor supported by JTECH.

      • What happens to the names on my list?
        • Data in each account’s history is archived on the SmartCall SMS servers. JTECH does not use the information provided on the waitlist or staff list for any purpose other than contacting the appropriate party. JTECH will not sell or share the party information with a third party company for use of solicitation or promotion.

      • How do I delete the names in the Not Arrived section at the end of the day?
        • In the Departments tab in the Administration portion of the system, you will need to click on the word “Edit.” This will reveal the option to “PURGE NA” for each department. By clicking this option, you will delete all of the names in the Not Arrived section in the associated department.

      • What type of browsers are compatible with SmartCall Messenger?
        • JTECH recommends Google Chrome as the preferred browser to operate SmartCall when utilizing a PC or Mac. The following browsers have all been tested with SmartCall SMS and have been considered satisfactory alternatives to Google Chrome for desktop users.
          – Internet Explorer – version 10 or higher
          – Safari version 5.1
          – Opera version 23.0