The Future of Staff Communication

Wearable Smart Bands will help restaurants achieve peak performance.

Now more than ever, efficiency is a crucial ingredient for restaurant success. Not only have labor costs risen, but restaurants are also operating at lower capacity amid the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing staff headcount and table numbers. Meanwhile, these smaller teams must manage ever-growing lists of tasks to keep employees and guests safe. As a result, restaurants are seeking tools that can help their teams communicate more effectively to boost productivity.Linkwear Band on Side with Service Request Message - Square

To remedy these challenges, JTECH is creating a new wearable smart band called LinkWear, designed to help restaurants with staff-to-staff, guest-to-staff, and device-to-staff communications and task management. LinkWear will also allows staff to tailor c
ustom messages and send them to the whole team or to the right person at the right time.

Adding to the current staff communication toolbox of two-way radios and staff pagers, LinkWear wearable smart-bands are a new way to stay connected and help with task management.

With LinkWear, kitchen staff can tell servers when orders are ready, eliminating the need for runners. Managers can receive reminders when critical tasks should be done, assign those tasks to individuals through the device, and be alerted when they are completed. LinkWear will also track who completed the tasks, enabling cleaning and maintenance tracking and logs. A 

host could also tell a server that a VIP is sitting at a specific table or if guests are celebrating a special occasion—all part of providing a great guest experience.

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JTECH Linkwear UI and SmartBands Revised - 7-1-20


Yet LinkWear will do more than just facilitate traditional two-way communication between staff members, it also connects them to critical data, which boosts efficiency.

LinkWear will integrate with devices and applications and deliver data to the right person at the right time; such as, scheduling tools that send overtime alerts to managers or curbside pickup and delivery applications that alert staff when guests or drivers arrive for orders. And, if a restaurant has a unique need, LinkWear is designed with a flexible open architecture enabling customized solutions.

“LinkWear is exactly what it sounds like—a wearable link to your data so that you don’t have to wait two hours to pull a report and take action after the fact,” says Paul Meggers, president of JTECH. “With LinkWear, you will be able to take action right away, and what could be more valuable than that?”

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Contact Us"JTECH is looking for new data partners that have critical data and information that restaurant employees need", says Sal Veni, Vice President of Operations at JTECH.  If you would like to discuss how LinkWear can help you deliver data please contact us: LinkWear Data Partners  

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