Prevent Walkaways With Restaurant Guest Pagers

Are your guests leaving the waitlist? (Maybe it's because they don't have a restaurant guest pager.)

Whether table service or fast casual environments, a JTECH Restaurant Guest Paging System can help you retain guests longer. Despite newer texting apps, our research shows guests are less likely to leave when you hand them a pager.

Restaurant Guest Pagers:

  • Reduce walkaways
  • Find guests faster
  • Seat more guests
Extremely durable and reliable by design, our restaurant guest pagers have earned the distinction of being "restaurant tough." Simply stated, that’s why we're the world’s leading provider of restaurant guest paging systems.


Prevent Walkaways

Keep Guests Coming Back

Restaurant pagers for the host stand

Popular restaurants lose millions of dollars each year due to a poor waitlist strategy. Why use a paging system when you could easily use a text waitlist app? It's simple:

Restaurant beepers hold guests accountable. 

Our clients find that giving guests a pager during their wait is most effective in preventing walkaways. Because patrons feel an obligation to return the pager, they're willing to wait for a table.