Staff Shortage and Labor Costs Slowing You Down?

Customers are returning!  Staff...not so much!

Labor shortages and costs have never been more challenging for the restaurant industry.  Couple that with new health requirements and services such as curbside, take-out and delivery and restaurants are left to figure out how to overcome:
  • Labor Shortages
  • Wage Increases
  • Increased Guest Expectations
  • Convenience and Delivery Costs

Technology can set your employees (and your restaurant) up for success enabling improved operational efficiency, employee retention and a great guest experience.


You don’t have to solve the industry’s labor crisis
you just have to solve your own.
Jim Sullivan, NRN

So what IS the solution?

Improved communication....yeah, I said it, C.O.M.M.U.N.I.C.A.T.I.O.N. 

So, how does communication solve staffing shortages and costs, you ask?  The more connected your Staff, Kitchen and Managers are, the more efficient, productive and accurate they are able to serve your guests.

Sounds simple...well, it can be with the right systems:

Systems Benefits


  • Kitchen Staff can call servers when their orders are ready with simple push of a button
  • No longer need runners for labor cost savings


  • Instantly send messages or request assistance to one or multiple staff members. 
  • Alert staff when tasks need to be completed
  • Saves time so Manager can focus on FOH and guests  


  • Request assistance without leaving service area
  • Continue serving customers without interruption


  • Guests request service when needed saving staff time and steps
  • Quickly locate guest's location for accurate food delivery

Curbside and Delivery
Driver to-Staff 

  • Alerts staff when delivery driver arrives with order details so they can meet driver curbside with the order - in ONE trip. 
  • No longer need dedicated staff to manage waiting delivery drivers.


In today's highly competitive industry, building your staff communication technology stack is critical to optimizing your operations, retaining staff, and generating revenue.   And most important, providing your guests great service.

The key is working with an experienced communications company, like JTECH, Inc., that understands restaurant operations and can recommend the right systems to get you up and running quickly. 

The timing could not be any better!

With the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RFF); funding may be available to help you upgrade your operations.   

Also, don't forget to ask about JTECH's Trade-In Program.  Dust off the old systems that you stashed in the store room for credit on a brand-spanking new Staff Communications System.  

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