The Waiting Game

While most people don’t enjoy waiting, it’s inevitable.  We wait to get in to see the doctor despite having an appointment.  We wait in the checkout line at a department store or at the grocery.  We even wait to get gas at a station where the prices are especially low.  And we wait for a table at a restaurant, especially during prime dining hours and on weekends. Sometimes we wait patiently and other times less so.

But rarely do we look at the wait from the operators’ perspective. I think we’d all agree that when we’re meeting with the doctor, we appreciate his or her personal attention and care, and sometimes that may take longer than planned which can affect the schedule.  We choose to wait to get to a gas pump where we can save $0.10-a-gallon on a fill up. And we often opt to wait for that special booth or a table on a Saturday evening at 7:30 p.m. at one of our favorite restaurants.

Fortunately for the restaurateur, the days of pad and pen are quickly becoming a thing of the past to manage this crucial business process―the Wait List.  With the growing popularity of iPads and tablets, there are now cost-effective mobile wait list apps that make this process a breeze.  From some of these tablet-based apps, you can simply manage the wait list electronically.  Some wait list apps use text messaging for waiting guests, while others also integrate guest pagers which have been a mainstay in restaurants for over a decade.  Some wait list apps offer expanded functionality with table floor plans, giving the hostess a bird’s eye view of every table and its status at any given time.  And, some […]

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No Losers Here

Technology is your friend. You might not believe this on one of those days when it feels like every piece of technology you own has betrayed you by not working as you wish, but nevertheless, technology is still your friend. The more you come to accept and embrace this, the faster you will propel forward in this changing world. While the simpler times of decades past might sound appealing when compared to the world of social media, Twitter, Yelp and on and on, we just don’t live in those times. We live in a today where technology needs to be your friend. Whether you are a technology friend or foe, streamlining your technology is a great goal for 2013.

When you place technology on your side, you’ll be surprised by what you can accomplish. Sitting back and choosing to not participate will not negate the fact that advanced technology is here to stay, and your competitors are cashing in on it. Whether you are a technology friend or foe, streamlining your technology is a great goal for 2013. JTECH’s communication devices can help you reach this goal by streamlining all your communication. And by all communication, I mean ALL communication – internally and externally. JTECH has communication devices for nearly any industry. For example, restaurants can reap the rewards by using a JTECH system like Spinnaker. Spinnaker streamlines communication not only between restaurant employees such as the hostess, servers and managers,  but also connects the customer to the restaurant staff before, during and after the visit. This is ultimate connectivity that can make a positive impact on your business.

Looking at another example JTECH’s TITAN system manages and streamlines communication across enterprises such as hospitals or […]

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“In with the New” and “In with the Old” Too?

As 2012 comes to a close, we have the opportunity to reflect back upon the year, and more specifically, the changes and advancements that have been made. While it is easy to get lost in the small everyday details of life, it is always good to take a step back and see where the past 12 months have gotten us.

In some fields and professions, the benchmarks are easier to spot. For example, doctors and physicians look to new medications and new cures as a way to measure their field’s ingenuity and performance. Similarly, politically-minded professionals review policies, laws, and codes as a measure for their hard work over the past year. However, when we get to the technology industry, things can get a little fuzzy. New devices are of course easy to name as successes for the year; however, new uses and new applications for previously developed technologies often result in some of the greatest gains too. JTECH has been a leader in the business communications industry for many years, but what sets JTECH apart from others in the industry is the continuous forward-thinking mindset of the product developers. As business needs change and as the rest of the world changes, JTECH forges forward always providing clients with tools that meet current needs. The result is that as the world continues to grow more and more complex, JTECH produces a product or products to mitigate that complexity. Whether talking about pager systems for churches or server pagers in hospitality, JTECH’s communication technologies are working in a changing world.

Part of what has made JTECH’s products so useful to clients is the flexibility and adaptability of use. In examining the healthcare setting alone, the new IntelFlex […]

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